Now Fully functional

For P12, 16 and 18 MCU’s

tradutor assemblerASM TRANSLATOR is a simple program that modifies ASM generated from mikroElektronika compilers to Microchip’s ASM.
It contains the tools needed to modify mE ASM programs and attempts to maintain the total integrity of the source.
In this Evaluation Version only some P12, P16, and P18 PIC’s are supported.

Please report any bugs to: Nassorri

There are differences between Microchip’s and mikroElektronika’s hardware and software platforms. Thus, the objective of this program is to help a programmer who may be familiar with Microchip’s C, or Assembler, and has migrated to using mikroElektronika’s compilers, to move assembly generated by mE’s compilers back to the Microchip platforms.

The use of high-level languages is beneficial for fast program development when compared to using assembly language.These high-level languages also make it much easier for those with no assembly programming experience to program a PIC MCU. However, the purpose of ASM TRANSLATOR is to convert assembly code created by mE’s compilers such as, mikroC, mikroPascal, or mikroBasic, into a format that is easier and faster for a programmer to debug and edit.
This program is still in the development phase and no warranty is given for its correct operation, and through use of this program you assume all responsibility and risks.


Download AsmTranslator